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How We Clean?

It is the policy of AMS Inc. to train all its associates on how to use the latest equipment and procedures in the maintenance and cleaning services so that our clients receive the best quality services. Plus our foundation is based on our lemma “If we don’t take care of our customers, somebody else will,” therefore our main purpose is to train our associates on high quality up-keeping standards.

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Building Service Personnel

AMS Inc. contributes extra effort in securing the most reliable and capable service labor available. In our effort to properly staff buildings we will provide more than enough personnel to guarantee sufficient labor to maintain service standards and schedules. Service crews will be organized by area and team assignments. Buildings are assigned full and part time service personnel, on-site supervisors, day porters, and area managers. Skilled and experienced floor specialists are also assigned to maintain tile and carpet surfaces. All personnel are directly managed by the office and operations departments.

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